The Chief Commercial Officer, also sometimes referred to as the Chief Business Officer is an executive manager, in charge of the commercial strategy and the interpretation of market needs so that these, consistently reported in the company, can result in a coherent and attractive offer of products and/or services at the best quality and price levels for the specific target markets.
The CCO is directly involved in marketing activities (analysis, strategy, execution) and generally has the last word regarding the direction or market target on which the company should focus its efforts.
They manage both internal resources and the external sales network (such as that of agents), which they often have to create and organise, generally at both levels: domestic and foreign.
The CCO also has the direct task of supervising customer service, complaints and product liability issues. This means that a CCO must have a good knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s products.
In terms of customer service, the CCO is responsible for all aspects of interaction with the customer, both direct and indirect.
They are responsible for directing the approach and management policies to which the company’s internal resources, or the external sales network, must conform in order to offer customers – and anyone who comes into contact with the company – a coherent, unified image.
It could be said that the CCO is essentially responsible for the perception of the brand by the company’s customer, or the quality of the brand experience, which must always be optimised.
The CCO also deals with the design of products and services, prices and distribution, positioning of the product on the market, analysis of product/market benchmarks, and management of sales networks.
It follows that the CCO also deals, lastly, with the communication strategy (advertising, public relations, etc.) which today clearly includes the management of social media.


Examine the company's business strategy
Coordinate and direct product development activities
Coordinate customer service
Coordinate marketing
Coordinate the communication strategy
Manage the sales network
Define sales targets and margins
Select and manage distribution channels and target markets

What skills will the CCO bring to your company?

From a technical point of view:​

Data analysis and interpretation tools

Strategic matrices

From a professional point of view:​

Business skills

Organisational and planning skills

Time management

Communication skills

Analysis capabilities

Problem solving