Fractional Manager


Fractional Management is a specific form of temporary management born out of increasing demand from small or medium-sized companies that cannot bear the cost of a full-time manager but require the same technical, specialist or strategic skills as larger companies. Fractional Manager Italia was created based on this need, with the aim of providing companies with part-time managers able to add value not only to the company, but also to the entrepreneur and to the organisation as a whole: a Fractional Manager enters the company and works to cultivate and enhance the people and skills that are already present.
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There are operational, strategic, development scenarios or corporate stress situations, where an external managerial resource backed up by several years of operational experience is necessary. The Fractional Manager thus enters the company not as a consultant, but as an operational support and is directly involved in Company management. The Fractional Manager can be involved both in operational projects to improve the business performance and management skills of the entire company organisation, as well as in the management of crisis or stress situations of any kind: economic (due to industrial or market problems) or financial (due to an excessively large and burdensome net working capital). To achieve the corporate objectives set, these managers must be equipped with the necessary decision-making tools, that is, they must have effective powers and delegation abilities to serve this purpose.

The main reasons why companies use a Temporary or Fractional Manager solution are:


With a Fractional Manager you have access to high-level skills without the burden of long-term fixed costs


Projects are launched with a Fractional Manager and operations are immediate thanks to the experience and managerial skills developed in larger, more complex contextsdimensioni


Companies can benefit from the manager's occupational and managerial skills


High effectiveness in achieving solutions thanks to the Fractional Manager's level of seniority


With a Fractional Manager, greater cost efficiency is guaranteed

A manager at your disposal

Benefit from a highly experienced manager who can also act as an outstanding operative and motivator of corporate human resources